Sh*t That Don’t Suck

A lotta sh*t sucks, but this is some sh*t that don’t suck. From the Ozarks and beyond.

Orgs That Ain’t Sh*tty

Missouri Abortion Fund
Mountain Access Brigade
Ozark Circle for Choice

Podcasts That Don’t Blow

Our Sister Podcast of Sorts, Rock Hard Caucus
This Is Revolution

Music That Don’t Blow

First, a resource we have relied on extensively for outro music and theme music alike, the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection hosted by Missouri State University. “A traveling salesman from Springfield, Missouri, Hunter took his reel-to-reel tape recorder into the hills and backwoods of the Ozarks, preserving the heritage of the region by recording the songs and stories of many generations of Ozark history. As important as the songs themselves are the voices of the Missouri and Arkansas folks who shared their talents and recollections with Hunter.” This is an almost unrivaled resource in it’s variety and thoroughness. Most of the audio quality is kind of rough, but the real value here is in the access to a rapidly diminishing oral tradition. For this we are deeply grateful.

Now some bands we like in no particular order.